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THAT'S OK - That means that the vikings and their descendants can stay!


SPAIN VS ISLAM - We know how to defeat Islam. Catholic Kings did it over 500 years ago.

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SethMythrax - October 4, 2012, 6:40 am
Only the fanatics of both religions are hoping for this, the rest prefer both sides die off so the rest of us can live in peace.

NEW VIDEO GAME FOR GREEN LEMMINGS - Cuz' we know that incandescent light bulbs are soooooooo evil (insert sarcasm here____.)

DAYTON TO CALL SPECIAL SESSION - on Viking's deal. Well, that will be one of the few good things a DFLer has ever done.

EARLY CHRISTMAS PRESENT FOR REPUBLICANS - Kinda like Vikings' head coach Brad Childress's continued employment is to the Green Bay Packers.

Trump Bows.... -

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